Trail Life

Why Trail Life USA at First Baptist Church - Georgetown?

Trail Life USA is a Church-Based, Christ-Centered, Male-Focused mentoring and discipleship journey for young men. Trail Life leaders challenge young men to grow in character, understand their purpose, serve their community, and develop practical leadership skills to carry out the mission for which they were created. This ministry begins for boys going into the 5th grade through 8th grade.

Troop SC-2021 Leadership Team

Dr. Ted Sherrill – Senior Ministry Leader
Dr. Alex Duvall – Troop Ministry Liaison & Chaplain
Mr. Art Baker – Troopmaster
Mr. Stephen Sipe – Troop Treasurer
Dr. Manuel Salazar – Troop Committee Chairman
Rev. Wil Bradham - Troop Advancement Chair

Email us at
for questions or to enroll your son.

FBCG Troop Grades

(Boys are to be entering the 6th grade to join the troop)
Navigators – 6th thru 8th Grade
Adventurers – 9th thru 12th Grade (expected to be added one grade at a time starting in 2023 with 9th grade, etc.)


Troop meets at First Baptist Church of Georgetown on Monday evenings per the troop calendar from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. throughout the school year (several campouts, other activities/events, and service projects are planned mostly on weekends.)

Annual Costs & Troop Shoot

National Membership fee: approximately $30/year – parents pay directly to Trail Life USA (TLUSA) when they enroll. This is all we ask parents to pay each year as long as they participate in our one major fundraiser each fall.
  •  We estimate, based on past experience, that for all campouts, troop activities, and supplies/uniforms, etc. it will cost about $550 per boy annually. We expect to have only one major fundraiser annually to cover all these costs for parents, thus your active participation is essential each year.
  • Troop Shoot: Our major annual fundraiser is the fall Troop Shoot (Clays for a Cause) at Backwoods Quail Club each year. Parents can register to participate as an individual, couple, or team of four, and/or seek business/families who would like to sponsor a shooting station on the day of this event (we promote their business/family support for this Trail Life event with signage, and social media, etc.)