Wisdom from the Word

Wisdom from the Word #11 - 1/1/2024

Guide My Steps

“A man's steps are from the LORD” Proverbs 20:24A 
Happy New Year FBC Georgetown! 
This verse in Proverbs is a great reminder for us all as we begin a new year to focus on Jesus Christ as He directs our steps. One hymn writer put it this way: “Every Day with Jesus is Sweeter than the Day Before.” That is so true for every Believer, even when the trials of life seem to press in and weigh us down. 
Here is an important question we each need to ask: “How am I asking Jesus to guide my steps this year?” Jeremiah reminds us that God alone knows the plans He has for us. Are you seeking Him as He fulfills those plans? 
Perhaps He has plans to send you on mission somewhere in this world this year. Perhaps He has plans for a new career opportunity. Perhaps He has plans for a ministry opportunity such as teaching a Sunday school class or facilitating a Discipleship group. What about new friendships? What about marriage? What about your children? He alone knows the plans for all this. His desire is that we seek Him with our whole heart as He works in our lives. 
Let Jesus guide your steps as you seek His will for your life in 2024. This may just be the best year of your life!


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