What is the First Baptist Church App?

Welcome to the new face of Georgetown's First Baptist Church. We welcome you to not only  a new style, but also new features. Let's get started with why things have changed.

Why change?

First Baptist has used many resources for our church members. Our previous giving platform, named Abundant, provided the church with a way to give online and securely. Our website allowed us to be accessible to our members from other parts of the state, country, and world. We also used emails and Facebook to send out events and plans. All these methods were great, and have served us well, but First Baptist has found a way to connect all of these resources together.

We are switching to Subsplash. Subsplash works specifically with churches to build their online presence. Subsplash provides the tools to build websites, apps, and more. So all those resources that we have used before are not going away. They are actually becoming one under the same umbrella.

Our hope is that Subsplash does not distract from in-person worship, community, fellowship, and love. Instead, we hope it inspires us even more to be together and look towards the future.

Thank you,
Samuel Shelley

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